Cácaí Aoibhín

A little more about me

The tradition of baking is a very wholesome and warm thing that gets passed down from generation to generation. As Irish people, the craft of baking is in us from early stages. Whether it be cracking an egg (usually resulting on the table and broken pieces of shell), or sieving some flour (and missing the bowl entirely). We retain these memories, and they stick with us as we mature.

My interest for baking comes from my family, especially from my Granny Rose. I have lots of lovely memories, sitting up on a high stool ‘helping’ her bake. I’d get to use a wooden spoon for the pancake mix, or even the electric whisk for some queen cakes… Then there would be the argument between me and my brothers as to who would get to lick the beaters from the whisk! Some of the recipes she passed down to me have even come down through generations of her own family.

The story of Cácaí Aoibhín began when I was 13 years old. I wanted my own independently earned money so I could go out and buy myself nice things without having to rely on the ‘bank of Mum and Dad’. After expressing this to my parents, my Dad encouraged me with a whopping ‘why don’t you work for yourself?’ statement (You could’ve picked Mum’s jaw up from the ground). At this stage I had already been making all of the family celebration cakes, and was bursting at the seams to unveil what potential I had. Thus, the beginning of Cácaí Aoibhín. It began with a few local craft fairs, then a facebook page, and eventually I had my first few cake orders. This then grew to supplying a local café. The business slowly but surely began to flourish.

In recent years the business gained momentum, and now with new and upcoming opportunities, along with input from supportive mentors, Cácaí Aoibhín is continuing to fuel me with ambition and allow me to strive for new goals.